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I have been looking for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Volume 2 Yuki Nagato CD collection for months. \o/ I finally got it. Go go torrents.

In other words, I know my store manager hates me and I know he singles me out. He's been hiring new people to cover my shifts, but I'm guessing he can't find a good enough reason to fire me cause he cut me down from five days to two days. This really, really fucking sucks. I went from 40 hours to 16. What an ass.

We put a bid in on a condo, and they took it! Our settlement date is on Halloween, so far it seems. \o/ Happy birthday to me and my mom, a few weeks late, but yeah! Moving into a new place is an awesome birthday present.

When I told the asshole of a store manager, there were no congratulations. Only "does this mean you'll be needing time off?" I only work two days, why's it matter to you?