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Sep. 25th, 2008

omg I'm alive. How do you take that sort of information?!
Disappearing for a week! See you on the 25h.
Flower. ;__; The Sweet Rose of the Kalahari.

(ps this show is addicting)

(pps, I'm a horrible daughter!)
Having my own cell phone bill feels weird. :(

Sep. 13th, 2007

What the fuck. A vet bill costing $248? I was saving for a bed, and now I'm down to nothing in my savings. My mom's gonna call and bitch at them later, but still. God damn. These shots had better make my dog better. She's been sick lately.

I don't think it was very fair of them to take advantage of the fact that I was a new patient there and they never even DISCUSSED charges. "Well, she didn't ask." Last vet I went to, they went down in detail how much was what. I only had $50 available, and that alone would have only covered the check up.

I am never going there ever again. The SPCA is starting to look mighty fine again.



I have been looking for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Volume 2 Yuki Nagato CD collection for months. \o/ I finally got it. Go go torrents.

In other words, I know my store manager hates me and I know he singles me out. He's been hiring new people to cover my shifts, but I'm guessing he can't find a good enough reason to fire me cause he cut me down from five days to two days. This really, really fucking sucks. I went from 40 hours to 16. What an ass.

We put a bid in on a condo, and they took it! Our settlement date is on Halloween, so far it seems. \o/ Happy birthday to me and my mom, a few weeks late, but yeah! Moving into a new place is an awesome birthday present.

When I told the asshole of a store manager, there were no congratulations. Only "does this mean you'll be needing time off?" I only work two days, why's it matter to you?
So I started playing WoW cause I got bored with RO and I'm taking my two week break or so from it. Hypocrite, I know. If anyone wants to play with me I'm Alliance side on the Sisters of Elune server. :<


139 pictures taken at the zoo, 108 were salvaged the rest scrapped cause they were shaky pictures. I have one video, I have them on youtube, and the rest on my photobucket account. Thank god you can upload 20 pictures at a time, otherwise I'd be here all night uploading pictures.

Adrian~ I got your pengis~

King Cobra video.

I was disappointed by the lack of foxes. :(

EDIT: It occurs to me that I forgot to link to the damn album.